25. Elvis Presley – Elvis is Back!


Isn’t he though? This was the album that shouted the return of the king after his bizarre army stint (although he did get the chance to churn a few tracks during his leave). And it’s the Elvis we all know, the crooner, the dancer, the maker of really bad movies.

Crammed out in a few weeks under the spotlight of thousands of screaming teenage girls, this is a patchwork of an album – it starts with the crooning “Make me know it” and a filthily passionate rendition of “Fever”, before settling into a more calm tone but treats like “The Girl of My Best Friend” keep it going. For me, it’s got nothing on that rocking first album, and it’s short on Elvis classics (although the 2011 reissue version on Spotify does stuff “Are you lonesome tonight?”, “It’s now or never” and a few other more familiar tunes in).

It’s manipulated, it’s manufactured and it’s rushed. But it’s still The King, so show some respect, yeah?

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