27. The Everly Brothers – A Date with The Everly Brothers

Looking back, the years have not been kind to the Everly Brothers. They cranked more than a few hits in their time, and they kept going for a while, but they’re not strongly remembered. When this came out, they were struggling to take their temporarily held crown back from the King, fresh out of the army and back kicking ass. It was put together in a couple of weeks, packed with covers versions like “Lucille” and “Baby what you want me to do?” and the songs given by Boudleaux and Felice Bryant, who wrote “Bye Bye Love” helps this album tick along.

It’s not an album that particularly set me alight, to be honest. If you see it in the context of its time, it’s the close harmonic stepping stone between Buddy Holly and the Beatles, and the album is not without its charm – the opener “Made to Love” is particularly delightful – but maybe I’m just missing something.

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