Frank Sinatra - In the Wee Small Hours

1. Frank Sinatra – In the Wee Small Hours

Quarkmonkey begins his journey through a lot of albums with a look at this 1954 charmer from Ol’ Blue Eyes himself, Mr Frank Sinatra.

Frank Sinatra - In the Wee Small Hours

Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr Frank Sinatra.

This is the first then. Not just the first of the 1001. Not just the first in the book. Not just the first I’m writing about. The first.

This was an eye-opening start to my musical odyssey, and it’s a pleasure to listen to. While here in the 21st century we remember the rat-pack cool and bold anthems, this album was something different. Here’s Frank, young, unsure about his career to come but determined all the same.

It’s a warm, inviting album. It’s not about swing, it’s not about pomp and it’s certainly not about showbiz. It’s serene and soulful. Tracks like the gorgeous “Mood Indigo” evoke memories of Gershwin and Billie Holliday, and it’s consistently charming.

This is an album which invites you to let it under your skin. Even the title (and moody cover art) make you imagine him in an open window, crooning at a world that left him lonely but smiling, and taking in the night sky…

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